The Great Business Expertise Of Paul Herdsman


Paul Herdsman is a businessman who has been known to possess a lot of talents in business transactions. He has been renowned for his vast expertise in the acquisition processes which involve the purchasing of organizations by others. These are skills that he obtained while he was at school while he studied business administration. Paul Herdsman’s expertise also includes some other spicing skills that make him quite popular and reputable in the business market. Some of these skills pertain to the acquisition of customers and also how to retain them.


One thing that Paul Herdsman understands is that for any business to thrive in the existing competitive market, the concern for their customers must be a priority. He knows that the customers are the main pillars of any organization and hence for them to sustain their market existence they have to handle their customers with dignity. On the acquisition aspect, Paul Herdsman has a unique talent in the business promotion that enables him to lure a lot of customers to any business. For that reason, he trains the business persons in this art so that they can be better business partners who can endure the market competition. Go Here to learn more.


Another aspect that Paul Herdsman understands is that any business has to acquire new clients so that it can continue growing its market share as well as the revenues. Therefore, it’s paramount for the firms to engage in marketing activities which are geared towards the attraction of more customers into the business. Paul Herdsman, as the COO of NICE Global, also trains business owners in the art of business development and how to maintain their existing customers.


Paul has embarked on a program that has assisted a lot of business owners in the achievement of their operational goals through the use of technology. As a result, the businesses are thriving in the adverse market conditions.





Sightsavers Is A Charitable Organization That Works To Help People Who Suffer With Poor Eyesight

Sightsavers is an international charity that recently unrolled a social media campaign aimed at showing the world the successes and hopes of the visually impaired and blind people they help in India. The charitable organization decided to use the Twitter hashtag, #UnfoldTheirDreams in order to spread the word. The stories are told from the perspective of the people whose lives have been changed by the charity and help to demonstrate why the organization has been around for almost seven decades with countless volunteers supporting its cause.


Sightsavers has been working in thirty different countries and has been in India for over 50 years. The charity works to discover eye diseases early on so it can help people before they become permanently blind. Part of their mission revolves around spreading awareness of how eye infections and conditions can be prevented. They also perform eye surgery and have helped many people to see who could not before the surgery took place. On top of all of this, the charity works with people who have eye disease or other eye-related maladies so they can integrate into society easier.


Sightsavers intervenes when it hears stories about people who have suffered because of an eye and visual impairments. One of the people the charity helped was a little girl by the name of Simpi. At just ten years of age, Simpi had never attended school because of her visual impairments. By offering Simpi an education through its Inclusive Education Program, she now goes to a school with other kids from her village and has a Braille reader as well as school books with very large print. Her village was very inspired by her story and are very happy that she passed her school exams.


While Sightsavers works with many people to help restore their vision, they also step in and help out when they can’t do so. Many people have been trained to live happy and healthy lives through the offerings of the charity. One example was a man named Anam who felt like he was just weighing his family down. Sightsavers came in and helped Anam to learn how to take care of essential tasks by himself. After his training, he was able to start up his own ice cream vendor business and now earns enough money to help take care of his family. Sightsavers expects to continue to help to make the lives of people who suffer from blindness and other eye maladies brighter and happier going into the future.

Investment Potential for Chris Burch

Chris Burch is an individual who is primary interested in investment strategies. He has over four decades of experience and personally overseen the raise of popular brands such as Jawbone and Tory Burch. A few of his recent ventures include acquiring and renovating Nihiwatu, a resort in Indonesia. While domestically, partnering with Ellen DeGeneres to develop lifestyle brand products. Chris Burch recently conducted an interview with Ideamensch where he discusses his business in greater detail.

Chris Burch founded Burch Creative Capital as a way to act on his own curiosity. Chris Burch fully believes in his eye to match ideas with their potential success. As such, he doesn’t have the run of the mill days like most businessmen. One day he might be exploring a site in the South Pacific, and another day he is in New York meeting clients, source ( Chris Burch is excited that many consumers are opting for experiences over material items these days. It makes the locations he creates a lot more desirable.

A job like this requires a person to be very detail oriented. Chris Burch is proud of his skill to quickly assess a person’s needs and desire within minutes of interaction. He also strongly recommends being a good listener. However, in order to truly grow a business, Chris Burch cites risk taking. Success and failure are two sides of the coin; you only need to keep forward regarding of the outcomes.

The business world is full of unlimited possibilities, and Chris Burch is there to tap into as many of them as possible. Where someone might see nothing, he sees potential. He cultivates land and creates products in order to enrich the lives of everyday people. Chris Burch has had to take meanly leaps of faith during his career, but now with decades of knowledge, Burch Creative Capital is force in the modern business landscape, useful information on

How Sheldon Lavin Has Made OSI Group a Sustainable Food Company

Succeeding in business and getting some more achievements in the same field indicates the kind of a person the entrepreneur is. Rising from a low position in a business company to an executive position is something Sheldon Lavin can elaborate in simpler words. He went to a college for his career studies and then joined the business world. Otto & Sons firm was one of the businesses in Lavin’s area with only four beef suppliers. The company intended to establish another firm in Chicago to meet the McDonald’s demand for beef. The company needed to have a lending partner, but it couldn’t get the right one without consulting Lavin.

Lavin came on board and helped in the establishment of the plant. Sheldon Lavin greatly impressed the Otto & Sons owners for his incredible contribution. They even asked him to partner with them and take a senior executive position. Otto, the owner of the company, had died some time back, and his sons were almost retiring. They wanted to leave the company in safe hands. The company changed from Otto & Sons to OSI Group during the leadership transition. Lavin says the company had great possibilities and full potential if offered proper management.

OSI Group became an international name after Lavin made some overseas investments. Although it was once a small and local company, Sheldon Lavin has worked hard for the company to have various partnerships and subsidiaries in other countries. The Netherlands, Australia, India, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, and Japan are some of the countries OSI Group has gained solid partnerships and subsidiaries. One good thing about Lavin is that he doesn’t rest on the achieved success. He always looks forward to expanding his skills even after receiving some awards. He understands that the achieved success is the greatest hindrance to growth and expansion. The companies that work closely with OSI Group enjoy a good economy of scale.

Sheldon Lavin wished many good things for this company. However, he seemed to major more in making it friendly to the environment. He came up with some strategies to help the company make its business model sustainable. Lavin has a team that monitors the innovations the technology is making. The team is sensitive to any innovation that would hinder the company from making its intended impact. Lavin spearheaded the renovation of the Spanish facility to double the chicken production of the company. He doesn’t mind what he has to do in the beginning, as long as, he had a picture of where he intends to go.

Aloha Construction Setting The industries Standard

Since 2008, Aloha Construction has provided exceptional services as one of the leading General contractors in Illinois and all of the Midwest. Family owned and operated, Aloha Construction places its core emphasis on family values and exceptional professional ethics. Nationally recognized and honored with the 2017 BBB Torch Award for Ethics, Aloha Construction stands behind their brand.


In 2017 Aloha Construction launched its YouTube Channel Aloha Construction, Inc. For anyone expecting mold damage or needing services relating to water mitigation, fire restoration and general home remodeling of all kinds their YouTube channel provides a valuable source of information to homeowners and prospective clients alike. Three of their highly rated videos, Aloha Restoration Co. Mold Fire Water Remediation; Smoke Remediation and Abatement and A Licensed Interior Remodeler have received thousands of views collectively. Aloha Construction is recognized by clients and contractors alike as a leader in the industry


Our main location in Lake Zurich, Illinois provides speciality Roofing, Vinyl Siding, Seamless Gutters, Storm Damage, Hail Damage, Wind Damage and Flooding services. For over ten years they have operated with exceptional ethics in the various charitable works they provide to their community. Having a partnership with Omni Youth Services, they work with underprivileged kids in the Lake Zurich community helping with Christmas gifts and other services geared toward providing hope and inspiration even in some of life’s darkest moments.

Employees are always a primary concern; Aloha Construction offers great employee incentive programs and fair compensation. Ultimately, Aloha Construction is setting the industries standard; and continues to provide quality services to clients and their community.


See their video here.

Steam Energy Supports its Local Community in Hardship

Supporting the Community it Serves

When Hurricane Harvey hit the Southern Coast many families, as well as commercial businesses, were deeply affected. In the aftermath of Harvey’s devastation, every available free person was called upon to help carry Houston forward. There was the regular help of the State and Government programs and there were companies like Stream Energy. It is a locally based energy company that serves the Southern States, but it also has a philanthropic arm that reaches out and touches its customers in deep needs in natural disasters. Stream Energy reaches out and assists the needy thru Steam Cares, its non-profit arm that shares in best practices of supporting the local community. Stream Energy has a long track record of assisting those in need; Steam Energy’s philanthropic efforts always have a place of supporting the local families with their generosity. Steam Energy support program has been in development over a dozen years.

Philanthropic Philosophy

Its philosophy has become a model for philanthropy in a time when generosity is a growing effort. Stream Energy has ties of many years with non-profit organizations like Habitat for Humanity and Red Cross.

Thru the appropriate management of Stream Energy’s sales associates works as independent contractors that provide Steam Services to individuals and businesses. Stream Energy’s contractors gain commissions by selling fixed or varied rate plans or mobile phone plans.

Hope Company and the Salvation Army

During Hurricane Harvey, Stream worked alongside Hope Supply Co., which is a no-profit group which works with homeless children. Stream worked with Hope Supply to pay for meals for thousands of homeless children in North Texas because at the forefront of Steam’s Care program is its desire to help homeless children. Stream also helped the victims of the Texas Tornado in 2016. By working closely with the Salvation Army, Stream helped raised thousands of dollars to help those in need. Stream wants to support those communities that support it as customers and neighbors.

Dick DeVos Making a Mark in The Aviation Industry

Dick DeVos has held various positions in many companies. He started serving as the former president of Amway, a company that was co-founded by his father, Rich DeVos. Dick is the CEO of The Windquest Group, a holding company based in Grand Rapids for companies like Coppercraft Distillery, The Stow Company, and Boxed Water is Better.


Dick DeVos who is also a long time pilot now serves as a member of the civilian panel that oversees the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). On Thursday, Sept 28th, the U.S Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao announced Dick DeVos as one of the seven new members of the panel.


Dick DeVos will be part of the 13-member panel that advises the management of the FAA on spending, senior management on policy, long-range planning, and issues on regulatory.


DeVos has had worked to convince Southwest to improve the fortunes of the Grand Rapids airport by offering routes out of the airport. This accomplishment led to lower air travel fares, and it grew the passengers who used the airline.


Dick DeVos is the husband to the current Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Dick has had a great impact on the aviation industry; one of his greatest accomplishment has been the start of the nonprofit charter school, West Michigan Aviation Academy which he started with the support from his wife.


The academy is something that Dick felt is important to remind kids of the immense opportunities they have. In each grade, there are aviation classes that include plane maintenance, history, pilot instruction, and electronics. One of the planes donated by Delta Airlines and another Cessna 172 plane. Once a child gets to the milestone after making a solo flight, they are given a white shirt while the rest of the kids wear blue shirts.



Engineering is also a crucial discipline with classes in robotic systems, aerospace engineering, and computer science. At the school, there are also traditional lessons in literature, foreign languages, and math. Dick believes that not all students want to become a pilot or get to the aviation field. But if the students are given high-quality education and a better environment to learn, they can gain interest on the career path.


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Sahm Adrangi Believes in Jones Lang LaSalle

Sahm Adrangi is the founder and chief investment officer of Kerrisdale Capital, a hedge fund that manages approximately $180 million in assets. The hedge fund is known as an activist short seller. In 2011, Kerrisdale returned over 200% to its investors, as Adrangi correctly bet against several disreputable Chinese firms. Adrangi is also a value investor, looking for an edge by purchasing shares of disfavored companies.

One such company that Sahm Adrangi likes is Jones Lang LaSalle. Jones Lang LaSalle is a global commercial real estate services company. It also has specialties in investment management and professional services. The company is the second largest commercial real estate services group that is publicly traded.

Sahm Adrangi has long owned shares of Jones Lang LaSalle. He has taken advantage of dips in the company’s share price to add to his position, while paring it back when the stock price rises. The company’s share price has more than doubled since 2013, earning Adrangi and his investors a healthy profit.

Adrangi first began to acquire shares of Jones Lang LaSalle in 2013, after the company missed its earnings forecast and the stock plummeted sharply. Adrango viewed the earnings miss as a one-time event that was not part of a larger trend. He believed that Jones Lang LaSalle survived the financial crisis in much better shape than its peers in the commercial brokerage business. Adrangi purchased Jones Lang LaSalle shares at a discount because, at the time he purchased, the commercial real estate market had yet to recover from its financial crisis trough. Sahm Adrangi has held shares of Jones Lang LaSalle as a long-term investment and this position is one of the largest that Kerrisdale Capital holds.

Sahm Adrangi has recently been adding to this position. In the first quarter of 2018, Adrangi more than doubled his firm’s position in the stock, purchasing 29,316 shares. His most recent Securities and Exchange Commission filings show that his firm owns 47,617 shares of Jones Lang LaSalle.

Shervin Pishevar-How He Made The News Over A Twitter Rant

Many people were astonished recently as Shervin Pishevar went onto his Twitter account to go on a rant that lasted almost a full day. For those that are already familiar with him, they know that he is not one to shy away from speaking out. However, he had been hiding away since December after leaving his company, Investment company.

In February, Shervin Pishevar made countless tweets regarding his opinions on the state of the economy, bitcoin, SpaceX and many other topics. Some of his forecasts about the future seem far-fetched. Others seem to be holding a little bit of truth to them. His very first tweet during this long rant was regarding the stock market. He was forecasting the drop in the stock market by over 6,000 points in the coming months.

Bye-Bye Silicon Valley

Another of his famous tweets during his rant had to do with Silicon Valley. He believes the area has effectively lost its edge in competition. There are other venues where people from all over the world can be entrepreneurs and create their own start-ups. Shervin Pishevar believes that it is no longer a physical place and that Silicon Valley is now a term for “border-less entrepreneurship.”

Bitcoin Crash

Another tweet during his rant had to do with the fact that the bitcoin crash was far from over. Shervin Pishevar thinks that the “cheap money” fad is about over and inflation is going to begin spreading like wildfire. On top of the stock market and bitcoin crash, he also believes that the underemployment numbers are going to be leading us into an economic stasis. Aside from all of the bad things Shervin Pishevar feels is going to be happening in the near future, he did leave things on a single positive revelation. He thinks that in response to everything else, gold values will go up.

Aloha Construction Gives Back

Aloha Construction, Inc. is generally known for the breadth and scope of its construction work, having completed over 20,000 projects throughout the Midwest. Aloha completes roofing, siding replacement and restoration, gutter repair and downspout projects. Recently, Aloha Construction has begun to receive attention for some of the valuable work that it has been doing investing in the communities where it does business.

Aloha Construction has received the Torch Award, which is given by the Better Business Bureau for marketplace ethics. The Better Business Bureau administers the Torch Award program to recognize businesses that operate by high ethical standards and integrates them into their daily business. The winners of this award are chosen by an independent panel of judges who look at an integrated set of metrics for each business, including ethical standards and community involvement.

Aloha Construction received this award, in part, because of its long track record of giving back to communities. Aloha Construction has established the Dave Farbaky Foundation, which serves as its charitable arm, and is named for its chief executive officer. This foundation engages in a variety of charitable acts aimed at spreading Farbaky’s philosophy of “random acts of kindness.”

In 2017, the Dave Farbaky Foundation sponsored a shopping spree for four girls. Each girl was provided with large garbage bags and had 60 seconds to fill as many bags as they could with toys. The four girls went home with a combined total of $7,000 worth of toys.

Also in 2017, the Farbaky Foundation sent a child with congenital heart disease and 12 of his friends to their first Chicago Bulls game. The boy was 12 years old and already had five open heart surgeries to date. Additionally, the Farbaky Foundation partners with the Bloomington, Illinois Boys & Girls Club to sponsor numerous activities, including their hockey teams. Thanks to the efforts of Aloha Construction, the Bloomington Thunder are able to compete in the United States Hockey League, which is the lone Tier I junior hockey league in the United States.,29.htm