Meet Lori Senecal the Woman behind CP + B Success

Lori Senecal who is the CP +B Global CEO will be resigning from her post at the end of 2017. Lori became the first Global CEO of MDC Partners Agency CP+B on March 2015. Chuck Porter who is a co-creator and chairman of CP + B clarified in a statement that Lori was the best candidate with the right set of skills to aid CP + B as an emerging Startup. During her tenure at the company, she managed to sign the American Airlines in October 2015 taking it from TM Advertising which had worked with the airline for over two decades. This only shows that Lori is equipped with excellent negotiation skills.

Porter further added in collaboration with Lori; they are working on selecting the next generation of leaders for the company. All this is so that after she leaves; there will be a smooth transition.

Danielle Aldrich seems to be one of the candidates that might replace Lori Senecal. Recently, she was promoted to be the president of CP + B West, and in the past, she served as a managing director for CP + B Boulder. Additionally, Aldrich also assisted in signing the American Airlines and Hershey accounts.

During a statement, Lori Senecal pointed out that the company had ten offices that were managed by entrepreneurs that are passionate about building the CP+B brand across the globe. For this reason, expanding the role for Danielle was the best course of action as she was co about handling even the most unpleasant business tasks by developing innovative ways of managing them.

About Lori Senecal

According to Adage, Lori Senecal is the Global CEO CP + B where she in charge of manages the company’s growth and expansion as well as overseeing the coordination of the corporation’s nine international conglomerates. In the past, Lori served as the president and chief executive officer of MDC Partners Network, a post she continued with even after becoming the Global CEO of CP + B. More details can be found on Inspirery.

Since she joined CP + B, she has elevated organization’s business standing and culture. This has made CP + B be named as the top four Creative Innovators of the Year in 2016 by Advertising Age. In 2014 Lori was ranked by Advertising Age as one of the Women to Watch in 2013. Additionally, she was awarded the AWNY Game Changer Awards. You can visit Fast Company to know more.


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