Good Guidance from the Oxford Club

The Oxford Club is helping its followers to prepare for their portfolios to guard against what many are calling an inevitable market correction or crash. With the recent 30-year anniversary of 1987’s market crash which yielded what remains the most significant one-day loss in the exchange’s history.

With the recent calm period that the market has enjoyed, many investing pros are preparing themselves for the worst. With this investment tips, you can help to minimize losses and remain calm if and when the crash occurs.

Flight to Quality – in times of trouble, the old reliable stalwarts are the best option. Blue chips stocks are named that for a reason.

Diversify, Diversify, Diversify – while bonds are never untouched or unaffected in market downturns, they are generally counter-cyclical to the equities market and deserve a place in any diversified portfolio. In addition to diversification across industries, don’t forget non-equity financial instruments.

Cash is King – convert a generous amount of your holdings into cash in order to provide further diversification. A strong cash holding will also allow you to quickly take advantage of the many investment opportunities that a bear market provides.

The Oxford Club is a private investment club that has members throughout the world. These 80,000 members gain insight and information from their membership in the club and have done so for over two decades.

Their research reports provide a perspective that transcends what can be found through the usual mainstream financial media outlets. The Oxford Club provides valuable resources to its members month after month, with information that is likely unavailable elsewhere.

Savvy investors are active rather than reactive and the research provided by the Oxford Club allows its members to anticipate future market moves armed with clear and actionable information.

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