Rick Smith oversees development of critical technology in fight against contraband

Throughout the nation’s prison system, the fight against contraband cell phones has been heating up. Used by prison gangs to carry out their illicit activities while still incarcerated, contraband cell phones have become one of the most dangerous threats to prison security that the nation’s carceral institutions face today.

Over the course of the last 20 years, the technology involved in the manufacture of cell phones has advanced considerably, leading to devices that are extremely small and easy to conceal. On top of this, many of today’s modern cell phones have the computational power that laptop computers had just 10 years ago. This means that gang members who are able to come across contraband cell phones not only have the ability to instantly and effectively communicate with the outside world, they also have the potential to use the same type of computational power that just a few decades ago would have required an entire mainframe computer. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on glassdoor.com.

These gangs use such devices in order to carry out their illegal activities behind bars. Things such as drug dealing, extortion and even murder-for-hire schemes not only gain criminal prison gangs a great deal of profits, they also lead to increasing security threats within the nation’s correctional institutions.

For these reasons, the fight against contraband cell phones has taken on a new urgency, with many of the nation’s top prison communications companies competing to create solutions that allow prisons to maintain their facilities completely free of unauthorized cellular devices and cellular phone calls.

Rick Smith, the head of Securus Technologies, one of the leading inmate communications providers in the country today, has been at the forefront of the fight to contain unauthorized cellular devices within the nation’s penal institutions. Under his watch, Securus has created the first full-fledged, totally effective means of containing contraband cellular devices. Known as the Wireless Containment Solution, this system is able to detect and intercept all unauthorized cellular calls being placed from within facility’s confines. What’s more, the system is able to detect the location of all cellular devices that are turned on within the prison grounds, leading officers to the exact location of any unauthorized device.

Read more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securus-technologies-discusses-future-of-inmate-communications-and-security-300427232.html

In facilities where the system has been deployed, the incidence of illegal cell phone smuggling has gone down tremendously. In many of the institutions where the device has been used, guards report that the number of contraband cell phones being confiscated by officers on routine raids approaches zero. This is indicative of a complete success in the interception and confiscation of contraband cellular devices.

Smith has stated that he believes that the eventual rollout of the system to most of the prisons in the nation will virtually eliminate the threats that unauthorized cellular devices pose to the safety and security of the nation’s prison system. Read more on PRNewsWire.com.

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