Conor Lamb and End Citizens United Team Up in Pennsylvania

     If there were a weathervane gauging the direction of the political world, then the wind would be blowing toward a progressive wave sweeping through the nation. Since Donald Trump was elected to the Presidency, more than 35 state seats have shifted in favor of Democrats throughout the country in comparison to just four seats for Republicans. As a result, there is renewed attention on every single piece of election news throughout the country in 2018 and this means all eyes are shifting toward Pennsylvania’s special election on March 13th. Democrat Conor Lamb will be taking on Republican Rick Saccone for a state seat representing the 18th Congressional District in PA. Traditionally a deep red seat, Conor Lamb actually has some momentum on his side thanks to a strong campaign and fresh endorsement from a political action committee named End Citizens United.

The reason that Conor Lamb has so much momentum in Pennsylvania comes from three primary sources. The first source is that voters around the country are quickly growing tired of the Republican agenda under the ‘leadership’ of Donald Trump, as evidenced by how many seats have been flipped over the past year. The second source is that Conor Lamb is an exceptional candidate with broad outreach to both rural and city voters, particularly showing his appeal to labor union workers. The final source is an endorsement from End Citizens United that will bring in progressive attention and electricity to his campaign in a big way.

End Citizens United is a massive grassroots network of progressives who have been focused on bringing energy to their base in order to fight for campaign finance reform among other things. End Citizens United was initially created two years ago in response to the 2010 SCOTUS decision regarding Citizens United, a conservative group that was focused on bringing more dark money into politics. Now, End Citizens United is helping to put progressives into a position to win elections if they agree to keep fighting for campaign finance reform. This, apparently, is a mission that Conor Lamb has been more than eager to take onto his platform.

Ultimately, the Special Election on March 13th will be an indicator as to the temperament of the nation. Donald Trump’s endorsement of Rick Saccone should bring in many conservatives but will it be enough to quell what has clearly been one of the biggest blue waves of enthusiasm in recent memory? We can only wait and see.

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Fabletics: Why Go to the Store When the Store Comes to You?

Let’s face it; shopping in today’s age is just a hassle. At a time when we have everything delivered from our groceries to our furniture, going out to shop for clothing feels just exhausting. While there are many places you can buy your clothes online, you can’t do much to try them on first.


Fabletics is changing the face of how women across the country buy their athletic wear by utilizing the reverse showroom technique. Basically, instead of having to go to the store to find the perfect size and style, Fabletics is bringing it to you in the form of a nice monthly box. The box will contain an entire outfit of the best leggings, sports tops, sports bras and shorts, all tailored to fit your personal style thanks to results from a LifeStyle Quiz. .


When actress and fitness enthusiast Kate Hudson first founded Fabletics, her goal was to make it unlike anything that had been seen from an athletic wear company. Today, our market is flooded with options for weekly or monthly membership-style delivery services of our favorite items. However, when Fabletics was founded the idea of having athletic wear delivered monthly was relatively new. Yet, that was the entire goal and it has seen massive success. In fact, in its first few years Fabletics has generated over $250 million in revenue and now has an incredible one million members (and growing daily).


Kate Hudson teamed up with TechStyle Group to bring about something truly unique. TechStyle Group has been around the block in the world of women’s accessories and apparel. The company has had several successful ventures. It was the perfect partnership. So, Kate Hudson and TechStyle massaged the idea of Fabletics until they had a truly great startup to bring to market.


The reverse showroom method is perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle that doesn’t have time to shop. Instead of wearing those same, old beat up leggings, anyone can receive a delivery each month of an entire outfit of trendy athletic wear.


If you’re interested in gorgeous leggings and workout wear you can simply visit the Fabletics website. Once on the site you will take a short (and fun) quiz. The quiz asks where you like to work out, what workouts you like to do and your style preferences. After finishing, you will be shown an array of gorgeous athletic wear and leggings that fit exactly what you are looking for.