Corporate Attorney Heather Russell

Heather Russell is a well-known and respected Attorney who specializes in business and finance. She has been leading council at many corporations and recently joined Transunion as their chief legal counsel. Heather brings with her many years working in the industry and a proven track record. She has fought for and won many legal cases involving her clients. Her professionalism is impeccable. Heather Russell graduated from law school with a BA from William and Mary College. She has earned many other certifications and degrees since the time of her graduation. Heather Russell has worked with many banking institutions in their legal financial divisions.

Transunion is very happy to have her join their legal team since her reputation is held in very high regard. She will replace one of their executives who has retired after many years of working there. Heather feels that she will be employed at this position for years to come and hopes that she is able to make a difference in their procedures. She is known for working many long hours and her tenacity at resolving cases is well known throughout her field. Heather Russell does not intend to slow down any time soon and will put in her best efforts at Transunion. The company is looking to increase their business in the global market and with Heather’s experience behind her, they are positive that this will bring about many good results. They want to bring the information market into the future and have it reach points it never has before.

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