Paul Herdsman Leads NICE Global

When building a company, you have to know what it takes to run it. Paul Herdsman confronted this problem in 2014 when he co-founded NICE Global. As CEO he needed to make sure they could survive in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Luckily everything seems to have worked out: led by Paul Herdsman, NICE Global is a growing company in the business outsourcing industry.

By helping other company’s lower overhead costs and expand services through various means NICE Global works to help other businesses with customer service call centers, office management, technical support and much more. Herdsman has been at helm since day 1 and has helped form the culture that has helped them succeed.

Paul Herdsman has led to way creating a culture where employees are valued and shown that value rather than told. As a married father of two children, Herdsman understands the importance of a work/life balance. He avidly sees his kids every day and wants his employees to have the same experience with their own families.

NICE Global also invests financially in its employees. They provide continuous cross-training and re-training for staff at every level. The employees get experience in all departments, so they know how all aspects of their company works. They are also given performance-based bonuses with an open criterion, so it’s not just grinding out as much work as possible for that extra money: The employees know that the quality of their work will have more to do with it. See This Article to learn more.

Of course, any business wants to find the best people. With NICE Global, Paul uses a multi-step interview process to find the best person for the job involves more than simply matching up skills and experience. NICE Global also wants to make sure new employees fit in with the culture of the company, to find people who will thrive in the offices.


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