Dick DeVos Making a Mark in The Aviation Industry

Dick DeVos has held various positions in many companies. He started serving as the former president of Amway, a company that was co-founded by his father, Rich DeVos. Dick is the CEO of The Windquest Group, a holding company based in Grand Rapids for companies like Coppercraft Distillery, The Stow Company, and Boxed Water is Better.


Dick DeVos who is also a long time pilot now serves as a member of the civilian panel that oversees the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). On Thursday, Sept 28th, the U.S Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao announced Dick DeVos as one of the seven new members of the panel.


Dick DeVos will be part of the 13-member panel that advises the management of the FAA on spending, senior management on policy, long-range planning, and issues on regulatory.


DeVos has had worked to convince Southwest to improve the fortunes of the Grand Rapids airport by offering routes out of the airport. This accomplishment led to lower air travel fares, and it grew the passengers who used the airline.


Dick DeVos is the husband to the current Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Dick has had a great impact on the aviation industry; one of his greatest accomplishment has been the start of the nonprofit charter school, West Michigan Aviation Academy which he started with the support from his wife.


The academy is something that Dick felt is important to remind kids of the immense opportunities they have. In each grade, there are aviation classes that include plane maintenance, history, pilot instruction, and electronics. One of the planes donated by Delta Airlines and another Cessna 172 plane. Once a child gets to the milestone after making a solo flight, they are given a white shirt while the rest of the kids wear blue shirts.



Engineering is also a crucial discipline with classes in robotic systems, aerospace engineering, and computer science. At the school, there are also traditional lessons in literature, foreign languages, and math. Dick believes that not all students want to become a pilot or get to the aviation field. But if the students are given high-quality education and a better environment to learn, they can gain interest on the career path.


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