Sightsavers Is A Charitable Organization That Works To Help People Who Suffer With Poor Eyesight

Sightsavers is an international charity that recently unrolled a social media campaign aimed at showing the world the successes and hopes of the visually impaired and blind people they help in India. The charitable organization decided to use the Twitter hashtag, #UnfoldTheirDreams in order to spread the word. The stories are told from the perspective of the people whose lives have been changed by the charity and help to demonstrate why the organization has been around for almost seven decades with countless volunteers supporting its cause.


Sightsavers has been working in thirty different countries and has been in India for over 50 years. The charity works to discover eye diseases early on so it can help people before they become permanently blind. Part of their mission revolves around spreading awareness of how eye infections and conditions can be prevented. They also perform eye surgery and have helped many people to see who could not before the surgery took place. On top of all of this, the charity works with people who have eye disease or other eye-related maladies so they can integrate into society easier.


Sightsavers intervenes when it hears stories about people who have suffered because of an eye and visual impairments. One of the people the charity helped was a little girl by the name of Simpi. At just ten years of age, Simpi had never attended school because of her visual impairments. By offering Simpi an education through its Inclusive Education Program, she now goes to a school with other kids from her village and has a Braille reader as well as school books with very large print. Her village was very inspired by her story and are very happy that she passed her school exams.


While Sightsavers works with many people to help restore their vision, they also step in and help out when they can’t do so. Many people have been trained to live happy and healthy lives through the offerings of the charity. One example was a man named Anam who felt like he was just weighing his family down. Sightsavers came in and helped Anam to learn how to take care of essential tasks by himself. After his training, he was able to start up his own ice cream vendor business and now earns enough money to help take care of his family. Sightsavers expects to continue to help to make the lives of people who suffer from blindness and other eye maladies brighter and happier going into the future.

Investment Potential for Chris Burch

Chris Burch is an individual who is primary interested in investment strategies. He has over four decades of experience and personally overseen the raise of popular brands such as Jawbone and Tory Burch. A few of his recent ventures include acquiring and renovating Nihiwatu, a resort in Indonesia. While domestically, partnering with Ellen DeGeneres to develop lifestyle brand products. Chris Burch recently conducted an interview with Ideamensch where he discusses his business in greater detail.

Chris Burch founded Burch Creative Capital as a way to act on his own curiosity. Chris Burch fully believes in his eye to match ideas with their potential success. As such, he doesn’t have the run of the mill days like most businessmen. One day he might be exploring a site in the South Pacific, and another day he is in New York meeting clients, source ( Chris Burch is excited that many consumers are opting for experiences over material items these days. It makes the locations he creates a lot more desirable.

A job like this requires a person to be very detail oriented. Chris Burch is proud of his skill to quickly assess a person’s needs and desire within minutes of interaction. He also strongly recommends being a good listener. However, in order to truly grow a business, Chris Burch cites risk taking. Success and failure are two sides of the coin; you only need to keep forward regarding of the outcomes.

The business world is full of unlimited possibilities, and Chris Burch is there to tap into as many of them as possible. Where someone might see nothing, he sees potential. He cultivates land and creates products in order to enrich the lives of everyday people. Chris Burch has had to take meanly leaps of faith during his career, but now with decades of knowledge, Burch Creative Capital is force in the modern business landscape, useful information on

How Sheldon Lavin Has Made OSI Group a Sustainable Food Company

Succeeding in business and getting some more achievements in the same field indicates the kind of a person the entrepreneur is. Rising from a low position in a business company to an executive position is something Sheldon Lavin can elaborate in simpler words. He went to a college for his career studies and then joined the business world. Otto & Sons firm was one of the businesses in Lavin’s area with only four beef suppliers. The company intended to establish another firm in Chicago to meet the McDonald’s demand for beef. The company needed to have a lending partner, but it couldn’t get the right one without consulting Lavin.

Lavin came on board and helped in the establishment of the plant. Sheldon Lavin greatly impressed the Otto & Sons owners for his incredible contribution. They even asked him to partner with them and take a senior executive position. Otto, the owner of the company, had died some time back, and his sons were almost retiring. They wanted to leave the company in safe hands. The company changed from Otto & Sons to OSI Group during the leadership transition. Lavin says the company had great possibilities and full potential if offered proper management.

OSI Group became an international name after Lavin made some overseas investments. Although it was once a small and local company, Sheldon Lavin has worked hard for the company to have various partnerships and subsidiaries in other countries. The Netherlands, Australia, India, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, and Japan are some of the countries OSI Group has gained solid partnerships and subsidiaries. One good thing about Lavin is that he doesn’t rest on the achieved success. He always looks forward to expanding his skills even after receiving some awards. He understands that the achieved success is the greatest hindrance to growth and expansion. The companies that work closely with OSI Group enjoy a good economy of scale.

Sheldon Lavin wished many good things for this company. However, he seemed to major more in making it friendly to the environment. He came up with some strategies to help the company make its business model sustainable. Lavin has a team that monitors the innovations the technology is making. The team is sensitive to any innovation that would hinder the company from making its intended impact. Lavin spearheaded the renovation of the Spanish facility to double the chicken production of the company. He doesn’t mind what he has to do in the beginning, as long as, he had a picture of where he intends to go.