Ryan Seacrest’s Entertainment and Philanthropic Contributions

Ryan Seacrest is a native of Atlanta, Georgia who at an early time of his life was determined to have a radio career. To follow through on his dream, he relocated to Los Angeles, California in the middle of the 1990s where he hosted a famous afternoon program on the radio. He got a break in 2002 when American Idol selected him to be its host. Afterwards, Ryan began to cover other events in entertainment including being the news anchor for the television network E! Then he signed a contract with NBC Universal in 2012 where he would appear in other programs as well as on the show Today. When 2013 rolled in, he started hosting the Million Second Quiz game show, and similarly became the co-host of Kelly Ripa on the show – Live with Kelly and Ryan in 2017.

As an added bonus to his already successful career behind the microphone and in from of the cameras, Ryan was able to develop several famous television programs. Via the Ryan Seacrest productions, he assisted in boosting Kim Kardashian along with her family into fame on their reality TV program Keeping Up with the Kardashians, including the sequel Kourtney and Kim Take New York. He also worked alongside Chef Jamie Oliver when he assisted in the production – Food Revolution that was aired from 2010 to 2011. Ryan was awarded an Emmy for the cited program.

Ryan Seacrest commenced a new venture with AEG, Creative Artists Agency, and Mark Cuban, the so-called Ryan Seacrest Media (RSM) in 2012. Again, in the summer of the same year RSM introduced the AXS TV, a new entertainment television channel and pop culture.

The RSF or the Ryan Seacrest Foundation is a non-profit institution that is focused on motivating the youth of today by utilizing education and entertainment focused ingenuities. RSF’s primary goal is to construct centers for media broadcast aptly called the Seacrest Studios inside pediatric hospitals so patients are able to discover the creative and inspiring domains of new media, television, and radio.

The aim of the foundation includes the ability to positively participate in uplifting the recuperating process of the children together with their families while they stay in the hospital for treatment.

Jed McCaleb; the selfless entrepreneur.

Jed McCaleb is an American entrepreneur and programmer born in 1975. He is a software developer currently located in San Francisco, America. He has ventured into many businesses including the stellar organization whereby he is the co-founder and the Chief Technology Officer of the company. Stellar is a non-profitable organization which was founded in 2014 in conjunction with Joyce Kim to allow cross-border money transaction.

The Stellar Company debuted in late July 2014 resulting in the loan given to Jed McCaleb of three million from the Stripe technology company. The initial management and repay of expenses depended on previous investments of Jed. The stellar company at first adopted the Stellar Consensus Protocol where it was initially directed to be of service and to improve transactions both locally and internationally.

As a leader with a different perspective, Jed McCaleb believes in consciously leveraging to improve the status of human conditions. The major concepts majorly used are that of consensus, trust and credit. This means that the Stellar Company works with the principle of integration where the desire is to have many participants in the network as possible. This aids the transactions to flow still even when some servers fail to function.

For effectiveness to be ensured, Jed McCaleb created the integration process. It involves the technical team writing database tables, the writing of the codes to listen to Stellar ledgers the money transaction and finally testing the integration to affirm it has worked. This process ensures the credibility of the company hence maintaining the trustworthy level of the people. The decentralized method makes the company people-based.

The stellar company is free to use for start-up making it easily accessible to many. To ensure equality, all software needed or necessary for transactions are registered under one license. License version 2.0 which permits sales and even distribution. The start-up depends on size to be made and the developer team. Therefore, the more skilled developers and less technical the integration process, the faster the start-up time.

Jed McCaleb formulated a business model that operates as a non-stock non-profit organization to impact the lives of people positively. The main agenda of Stellar company and networks is to make people realize their full potentials and in the long run fight poverty.

Jeremy Goldstein: the corporate law guru

Jeremy Goldstein is a renowned business lawyer in the United States. He is the founding partner at Jeremy Goldstein &Associates LLC. His firm is committed to advising CEO’s, management teams and corporations, compensation committees etc. Before starting his firm, Jeremy worked at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. He was involved in the most significant transactions of the decade. He helped united technologies in the attainment of Goodrich and was also involved in other transactions such as that of Bank of America Corporation, the Dow Chemical Company and many more. He frequently speaks on corporate governance plus compensation matters. He is also a partner of the New York’s university journal of law & business advisory board.


Jeremy Goldstein found a way to give back to the society through a charity organization dedicated to the revitalization of people who have a mental illness. The charity organization is called The Fountain House. He has a masters of Arts Degree from Chicago University, a Juris Doctor Degree from NYU School of Law.


Jeremy Goldstein wrote an article amplifying how knockout options help company owners. There are several motives as to why employers refuse to provide stock options to their workers, some only want to make more money, but there are other reasons behind this decision. Three major tribulations cause companies to cut back on these benefits. First of all, the company’s stock may drop and make it hard for workers to affect their options. Secondly, workers have become cautious of the compensation process knowing that the economic recession leaves stock options valueless. Lastly, stock options result in accounting load, therefore making the cost pricier than the financial gains. Employees thus prefer higher salaries than the stock options benefits.


However, this kind of compensation can be a preferable option to extra pay or improved insurance coverage. This is because staff members have a better understanding of the stock options. Another advantage of offering stock options to employees is that it will act as an incentive to the workers. If you buy stock shares from your company, you will want your company to succeed so that you can gain from the shares. By offering stock options, a firm can gain if they adopt the right strategy. Jeremy Goldstein advice firms to embrace a barrier option such as a knockout. This means that employees lose their options if the share values drop below a specified amount. The employer can only cancel stock options when share values remain low for a long time of example one week. By offering stock options to employees, firms can gain or lose depending on the strategy they use. Learn more: http://identyme.com/JeremyGoldstein

Rodrigo “The Rally Man” Terpins

I can honestly say that I am very much impressed with the success of the rally driver Rodrigo Terpins. Rodrigo is an excellent rally driver hailing from Brazil. I would assume that his driving skills are excellent because he’s one of the few people in this world that loves to race Prototype T1 cars. Being consistent and having determination are the keys to his driving success. He has made numerous appearances on ESPN. I believe his favorite car to rally is the T-Rex 326 and in the 22nd Bull Serotes Rally, Rodrigo Terpins finished in 3rd place and won the eigth overall in the race. Rodrigo also has a brother, Michel Terpins and he competes with him in the rally’s as well. Rodrigo and Michel together have their own rally team that they manage together, The Tea Bull Sertoes Rally Team.

According to marketresearchtech  Rodrigo’s father Jack Terpins is a former basketball player, showing that the love of sports has been handed down to him from generation to generation. In 2008 Rodrigo started his own company,T5 Participacoes. The company manages and organizes racing events in Brazil. Rodrigo has participated in a number of interviews conducted by the Brazilian media. In one of the interviews he stated that he is proud of his past competitions because they helped in molding his performance in the present and the future. Being 41 years old, Rodrigo is still fairly young and I believe that the best has yet to come for him. He most certainly has the drive and initiative to succeed in any endeavor that he chooses. With his brother Michel and his team partners, Rodrigo’s support system seems to be ready for any challenge. I can only imagine how proud of him the Brazilian community really is and how cool it sounds when the roaring fans are cheering for him.

Click here: http://www.creativetreets.com/rodrigo-terpins-a-look-at-a-brazilian-rally-champion/

Conor Lamb and End Citizens United Team Up in Pennsylvania

     If there were a weathervane gauging the direction of the political world, then the wind would be blowing toward a progressive wave sweeping through the nation. Since Donald Trump was elected to the Presidency, more than 35 state seats have shifted in favor of Democrats throughout the country in comparison to just four seats for Republicans. As a result, there is renewed attention on every single piece of election news throughout the country in 2018 and this means all eyes are shifting toward Pennsylvania’s special election on March 13th. Democrat Conor Lamb will be taking on Republican Rick Saccone for a state seat representing the 18th Congressional District in PA. Traditionally a deep red seat, Conor Lamb actually has some momentum on his side thanks to a strong campaign and fresh endorsement from a political action committee named End Citizens United.

The reason that Conor Lamb has so much momentum in Pennsylvania comes from three primary sources. The first source is that voters around the country are quickly growing tired of the Republican agenda under the ‘leadership’ of Donald Trump, as evidenced by how many seats have been flipped over the past year. The second source is that Conor Lamb is an exceptional candidate with broad outreach to both rural and city voters, particularly showing his appeal to labor union workers. The final source is an endorsement from End Citizens United that will bring in progressive attention and electricity to his campaign in a big way.

End Citizens United is a massive grassroots network of progressives who have been focused on bringing energy to their base in order to fight for campaign finance reform among other things. End Citizens United was initially created two years ago in response to the 2010 SCOTUS decision regarding Citizens United, a conservative group that was focused on bringing more dark money into politics. Now, End Citizens United is helping to put progressives into a position to win elections if they agree to keep fighting for campaign finance reform. This, apparently, is a mission that Conor Lamb has been more than eager to take onto his platform.

Ultimately, the Special Election on March 13th will be an indicator as to the temperament of the nation. Donald Trump’s endorsement of Rick Saccone should bring in many conservatives but will it be enough to quell what has clearly been one of the biggest blue waves of enthusiasm in recent memory? We can only wait and see.

You may also read “End Citizens United begins GOP ditch drive” for more.

Fabletics: Why Go to the Store When the Store Comes to You?

Let’s face it; shopping in today’s age is just a hassle. At a time when we have everything delivered from our groceries to our furniture, going out to shop for clothing feels just exhausting. While there are many places you can buy your clothes online, you can’t do much to try them on first.


Fabletics is changing the face of how women across the country buy their athletic wear by utilizing the reverse showroom technique. Basically, instead of having to go to the store to find the perfect size and style, Fabletics is bringing it to you in the form of a nice monthly box. The box will contain an entire outfit of the best leggings, sports tops, sports bras and shorts, all tailored to fit your personal style thanks to results from a LifeStyle Quiz. .


When actress and fitness enthusiast Kate Hudson first founded Fabletics, her goal was to make it unlike anything that had been seen from an athletic wear company. Today, our market is flooded with options for weekly or monthly membership-style delivery services of our favorite items. However, when Fabletics was founded the idea of having athletic wear delivered monthly was relatively new. Yet, that was the entire goal and it has seen massive success. In fact, in its first few years Fabletics has generated over $250 million in revenue and now has an incredible one million members (and growing daily).


Kate Hudson teamed up with TechStyle Group to bring about something truly unique. TechStyle Group has been around the block in the world of women’s accessories and apparel. The company has had several successful ventures. It was the perfect partnership. So, Kate Hudson and TechStyle massaged the idea of Fabletics until they had a truly great startup to bring to market.


The reverse showroom method is perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle that doesn’t have time to shop. Instead of wearing those same, old beat up leggings, anyone can receive a delivery each month of an entire outfit of trendy athletic wear.


If you’re interested in gorgeous leggings and workout wear you can simply visit the Fabletics website. Once on the site you will take a short (and fun) quiz. The quiz asks where you like to work out, what workouts you like to do and your style preferences. After finishing, you will be shown an array of gorgeous athletic wear and leggings that fit exactly what you are looking for.

The OSI Industries Food Processing Group Leads Food Industry

How Well Do You Know The Food You Eat

The OSI Processing group allows their customers to have transparency in where their food comes from and what’s in it by providing full disclosure on their website. They were on the first to answer to a stabilized food network that answers to strict government regulations. OSI has been proudly established since 1993 and are proudly headquartered in Zurich, Illinois and serve many areas including an international portfolio. As they continue to grow, the needs of the families they feed and their partners remain a top priority.

What’s New With OSI Industries

There has been widespread talk among key OSI team leaders concerning global expansion. This quickly followed their celebration of over 20+ successful years in China. How would OSI Industries expand? Their president, David McDonald, working alongside COO, Sheldon Lavin were there for their EU partnership. Together, they expect to train a new team as well as their current workers to take over the Flagship Europe deal said to be worth an estimated $7 million dollars. OSI will be responsible for taking over their largest Europe facility to process their food condiments and frozen poultry.

Who Is OSI

OSI, a leading food processing industry serves millions of families, supermarkets, and grocers worldwide. Their customers can be assured they’re being fed a quality diet with the option if all-natural food items. They are responsible for processing hot dogs, pie/sandwich filling, dessert, meat patties, frozen poultry, and organic vegetables. OSI has continued to serve their clients with a success rating of a B+. They would also like their partnerships to be as successful as the United States and Asia. Their stockholders have been proud of their expansion and back their efforts 100%.

How OSI Gives Back To The Communities They Serve

They were one of the first to respond to the bid for a Tyson food plant. The plant was under the threat of being closed down, but the OSI Industries was there to respond. Thanks to their efforts, thousands of people were able to retain their current positions. Their successful bid on this plant would be one of many to contribute to the growth of their portfolio.OSI Group Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago. You’re invited to visit their website for unique job opportunities with an equally diverse employer. Feed your family family a safe nutritious, yet delicious meal with OSI Industries Inc. OSI Food Solutions UK Awarded 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council.

Desiree Perez: One of Billboard’s Top Women Executives in 2017

As one of Hip-Hop’s most pioneering women executives, Desiree Perez’s work with Roc Nation, and it’s founder Sean ‘Jay Z’ Carter, along with several other businesses which Hov has founded, have long been documented and in the public eye. Perez has often been called the ‘woman behind the man’ that is Jay Z, and when you start to study just how Desiree has aided Carter in some of his most lucrative deals with Roc Nation, and other companies, it’s easy to see why. As the Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation, the legendary label that features a roster of renowned artists like J. Cole, Rihanna, and Big Sean, Perez has made some major moves for the company.

An insider in Rihanna’s tight-nit circle thanks to her incredible work on the artist’s lucrative tour support deal with Samsung, as well a member of the Hova Circle of Influence, a multi-corporation spanning management team, Perez has long shown herself to be an intelligent and important part of Jay’s team of executives. As a negotiator, Perez has been responsible for such integral business deals as LiveNation and Roc Nation’s partnership, as well as the recent re-signing of that cooperative effort. A mainstay in all of Jay Z’s businesses, and avid pursuer of anything to push those businesses further, Perez is considered one of the most successful women in the music industry.

Her prominence in the business side of Hip-hop was acknowledged recently in Billboard Magazine’s annual Most Powerful Women Executives in the Music Industry end of the year list. Alongside such other notable names, as Julie Greenwald, Chairman and COO for Atlantic Records, and Nicki Farag, the senior VP of promotion for Def Jam Records, Perez’s accomplishments as a female executive in the music industry speak of overcoming a male dominated industry to become one of the most successful women in the business. With her incredible negotiation skills, lucrative partnership offerings, and commitment to constantly bettering any company she works with, Perez is one of Roc Nation, and Jay Z’s, biggest assets.

Details Perez: Facebook.com/public/Desiree-Perez

Quality Customer Service in the Correctional Industry-Securus Technology

We have been in the correctional industry for an extended period of time and we consider ourselves a leading organization in the sector. Securus Technologies we are distributors of civil and criminal justice resolution for the primary purpose of investigation, monitoring, correction as well as public security. Our group has been working diligently to make sure that we offer quality and advanced services as well as products to the inmates, their family, and friends. The Securus Technologies technical team has been innovating and developing new products every week to keep our customers connected. Our customers are more than happy to use our products as well as services, and they have been writing emails and letters to express their gratitude to us. Below are samples of the letters and emails

  • One of our esteemed customers mentioned our LBS services and according to them, the Software service is enough for them to continue using our services.
  • We offer telephone services to correctional facilities, and as one of the staffs of the facility was listening to an inmate conversing with their siblings, they were able to get information which will be used as court evidence in the next court session.
  • We have our investigation tool which has also been of a great advantage to our clients as one of them said that the tool has been helping then carry out investigation on some of the complaints including harassment and the use of drugs.
  • A client said that after they monitored calls they were able to obtain information on the use and purchase of alcohol in the prisons.

Securus Technologies we have our Head Offices located in Dallas, Texas, and ever since our inception we have been growing and we are currently serving over 3450 correctional institutions and more than 120,0000 inmates across Northern America. We are devoted to serve and link our clients by offering, information, emergency response, and biometric analysis among others.


The Top Benefits of Modern Wainscoting Panels for Homes

Wainscoting installation has become the number one interior design idea for added architectural interest in a room. With a legacy dated back centuries, wainscoting enters our homes with the aura of the Victorian, ancient Greek, and French style. Although a classic option, it’s one of the most contemporary interior wall décor solutions.


Still wondering whether or not to invest in wainscoting panels? Here are 4 good reasons why you should go ahead with such projects.

5 reasons why wainscoting installation is the best home design idea

  • Wainscoting panels offer practical solutions

The prime reasons why our ancestors installed classic wainscoting panels were related to wall protection and insulation. Today, these panels still serve the same purposes. The difference these days is that there are many materials, which are also far more durable. You can choose soft or hard wood, MDF, polyurethane, melamine, or plastic materials. And they are all processed to last longer. AlexMoulding.com offered so many wainscoting styles that you can consider for making an excellent decoration for your home.

Don’t forget that demand and supply go hand in hand in the world of marketing. When the wainscoting needs of people broadened, supply grew accordingly. And today you can find even waterproof panels for high moisture environments, like your bathroom or the basement.

  • There is a handful of wainscoting designs


Once upon a time, the wainscoting design ideas were limited to a small number of patterns, styles, and colors. Today you won’t know which one to choose. There are raised, flat, and bead board panels. And they don’t necessarily have the wooden appearance. They are mostly white but they can also be painted or come pre-stained. You can find slim options but also deep profiles if you care to give emphasis on drama in the room.

  • Wainscoting makes interior design easy


The plethora of wainscoting designs and colors along with the evolution in the interior design industry gives room to more home décor ideas. And you can adopt any idea you want to reflect your personal taste and pinpoint the style of your home.

  • You can use a classic wainscoting design to bring out the traditional style at your home.
  • Alternatively, you can trim the walls and use gray, black or white colors to decorate a wall in a minimal home.
  • Beadboard wainscoting can bring a cottage-like look in the house.
  • But you can also mix and match ideas and profiles, like installing beadboard and batten panels together.

Wainscoting is often paired with molding at different parts of the room. You can trim the ceiling or just install a crown molding. You can match the base with the ceiling trim but also with the door arches and the window casing. Wainscoting can follow the route of stairs, transform a boring hallway, or cover the entire wall.

  • Wall panels make wall renovation a piece of cake


Since wainscoting covers the wall, the panels become the ultimate wall renovation solution. If there are imperfections or drywall cracks, you can simply conceal them by installing a panel.

At the same time, they offer fast wall decoration solutions. If you are in the process of remodeling a room or redecorating a wall, what’s easier and most effective than installing a panel and let it become the actual wall décor.

After all, wainscoting can cover the lower or 1/3 part of the wall, but also the entire surface. In the case of the latter, they become the ultimate wall decoration idea. If they cover only part of the wall, their contrasting color can make a statement. But you can also use the space above the chair rail for artwork. You can also bring the wainscoting up and use the cap as a book shelf.

  • With so many wainscoting ideas, every home gains


Whether you choose a full size or low flat or raised panel, there are thousands of ways to use them and take advantage of their beauty to decorate walls and change the looks of the room. On top of their decorative benefits, these panels are also functional allowing you to use them to conceal structural mistakes and imperfections.

No wonder why they have a legacy and they are still the number one interior design element for each and every home. They offer solutions and thus untie your hands whether you need to redecorate or renovate. In either case, you can use wainscoting to fulfill your goal, pair your style, and improve home aesthetics.