Securus Technologies Tech is Tops

When people hear about Securus Technologies, they want to know more. It is important to them to know what this company does, and that is why the company decided to invite them to the business office in Dallas, TX. When they are there, they will receive a presentation of the latest technologies that the company is working. They will also receive a tour of complex, and they will be able to ask questions about what the new items are going to be used for. This way the company has a way to explain to the people how important these creations are for the safety of the country and the world.


Their latest technology is called Wireless Containment Solution. It is used to intercept the conversations of inmates to the outside world in the correction facilities. They use the networks with their cell phone and devices to reach out to people that they think will commit a crime for them. The Wireless Containment Solution pinpoints which inmates are doing this, and also help the facilities to confiscate the equipment that they are using It works very well in preventing crimes from happening, and it is a huge success.


There were many other companies in the field that tried to create some sort of solution to the problem. They different have the ability, so Securus Technologies is extremely proud that they were able to create it, and that the facilities are finding such success with it.


Securus Technologies is a large employer that has many trained professionals that are dedicated to do their jobs to the highest standards. The company works in both the civil and criminal aspects of justice, and the government seeks their expertise on a regular basis. They use monitoring, investigating and more on a regular basis in order to deal with over 1 million prisoners in a year. In the future, they want to create more technologies for the safety field, and they want to do this on a weekly basis. They are respected all over the world for the work that they are doing, and many companies in the US want them to do projects for them.



The Success behind Todd Lubar in the Real Estate Industry

The development of real estate industry across the world has opened up a niche market that was under explored. Professional personalities have taken advantage of the underlying opportunities to develop outstanding real estate companies. This has enabled many people and companies across the United States of America to acquire commercial and residential places. Todd Lubar is a seasoned real estate mogul who has been in the industry for a long time. His urge to invest in the industry started 1995 when he worked for Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. He started making headway in the industry through networking where he met experts in the mortgage industry. He improved his skills in handling of mortgage loans and as such, he helped companies acquire loans at a reduced fixed rate. His interaction with financial planners and real estate agents enabled him to acquire the requisite knowledge that would propel him to a successful career.

In 1999, Todd Lubar,, decided to venture into the real estate world when he acquired an equity position from the Legacy Financial Group. Through this position, he expanded his business reach by providing lending opportunities to commercial and private entities. As such, many people took advantage of the loans he was providing to facilitate asset acquisition. In some instances, Todd Lubar provided mortgage loans which drew many people to his company as compared to the mortgage provided by the banks.

In 2002, he established the Legendary Properties LLC which was the actualization of his career dream. The company led to increased number of clients that easily accessed different real estate services at their disposal. He was able to improve his working relationships with other stakeholders in the industry. As such, the increased demand culminated in developing a good line of credit of over 20 million dollars. Todd Lubar has been relentless in his quest for an affordable mortgage for his clients and as a result, he has done over 7000 transactions in the real estate industry.

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The customers of Securus Technologies are happy with the services offered to them. This was evident from the letters and emails received by Securus from their facility customers. Through the civil and criminal justice technology solutions provided, facilities have been able to solve and prevent crimes include inmate-on-inmate ones. For example, through the monitoring of calls, they have obtained information regarding inmate alcohol use, drug selling and drugs in the facilities. This is possible through analysis of threats and suspicious conversation about money in the calls. The use of reporting data has led to enhance monitoring and deterrence of contraband in the facilities.



Securus Technologies’ investigative tools have made it possible for facilities to perform investigations in case of complaints of harassment and potential threat to the facility’s security and that of the community. Some facilities have integrated these investigative tools into their own which has further enhanced the security of the facilities. The sheriff’s departments have also greatly benefited specifically from the LBS software which has made recovery of illegal assets, money and drugs easier and highly accurate. Facilities have also been able to reveal corrupt staff, which has increased transparency and integrity in the facilities.



Securus Technologies is a major provider of detainee communications, parolee tracking and information management solutions for the government. It’s headquarters are in Dallas, Texas and serves at least 3450 law enforcement, correction and public safety agencies in 45 states, district of Columbia, Canada and Mexico. Having acquired Jpay, a leading technology company, it was able to foster inmate payments, emails and inmate tablets making its services better. To further enhance its customer care, it set up a 220 seat in-house call center as per the Better Business Bureau (BBB) standards. The center has a customer satisfaction of 4.3 out of 5 which led to its accreditation by BBB with an A+ rating. Through their great technology and customer service, Securus is determined to make the society safer for everyone.



How Does ClassDojo Help Connect Teachers And Parents?

ClassDojo is a new online service that helps teachers and parents connect. They must have time for conferences, and parents often miss out as they cannot make it. This article explains how ClassDojo works, and there is a look at what parents may do to reach out to teachers. Teachers may do the same from their end, and the education of the child is put before anything else.

#1: Connecting For Conferences Matters

Parents and teachers must speak at conferences as often as possible, and schools set up times for teachers to see everyone. Parents cannot always come in when needed, and they may be placed on the schedule with ClassDojo. The school may use ClassDojo to ensure everyone is seen, or they may make special exceptions to allow every parent time with their child’s teacher.

#2: Teachers May Contact Parents

Teachers may use the ClassDojo system to send reminders to parents, and the parents are sure to place their video calls at the proper time. Each parent who is reminded through the system is more likely to show up on-time, and they will have access to their child’s teacher for as long as needed.

#3: Seamless Video

The seamless video experience helps parents understand what the teacher is saying, and the teacher may share their experiences with the child in a format that everyone understands. ClassDojo was built to make the experience fun for everyone, and the parents need not make their way up to the school when they do not have time for it. They may schedule their time with the teacher, and both parties move on quickly.

#4: How Long May Calls Last?

Calls on the system may last as long the parents and teachers like, and they will find it quite simple to begin and end when they want. Everyone on the system may schedule call times, and they may remain on the calls until the work is done. Those who are using the system to learn about their child’s education will have quite a lot of information to use after the meeting.

Parent-teacher conferences must be completed for the good of the child, and every child who has this sort of support will perform quite well in school. Children deserve to see their parents and teachers working in-tandem, and ClassDojo helps with every conference. Parents learn about the school day, and teachers learn how to help each child.

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The Importance of Capital Anesthesiology Association

Capital Anesthesiology Association plays a vital role in the Austin, Texas Regional Area. This organization serves 20 medical facilities throughout the area with high quality anesthesiology care. Accidents happen all the time unfortunately, but CAA is there for each and every dire situation. Since 1973 the organization has grown dramatically and today it is the nation’s largest independent practice of specialized anesthesiology. Medical Facilities such as Seton Hayes, CAREOS, Texan Surgical Center, Dell Children’s Medical Center, Strictly Pediatrics, Hyde Park Surgery Center, and many more are being served around the clock.

This organization stands out from the rest because it covers such a large area, provides the very best care, and specializes in in pediatrics, obstetrics, and cardiothoracic anesthesiology. Patients need not to worry about billing and insurance issues as CAA’s administrative staff provides the best in handling all paperwork and documentation. Capital Anesthesiology Association covers all three areas of anesthesiology that pertain to Regional, General, and Local/MAC Anesthesiology. There isn’t anything CAA can’t do to make every patient feel as safe and secure as possible before, during, and after medical treatment.

Board Certified Physicians, Nurses, and Technicians grace the halls of this prominent institute on a daily basis. Capital Anesthesiology Association is setting new trends, raising the bar extremely high, and are changing the current status quo of anesthesiology services.

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Wessex Institute of Technology eLibrary: Help at Your Fingertips

There are many useful websites online that give information free of charge and the Wessex Institute of Technology’s eLibrary is no different. WIT’s eLibrary has over 28,000 reports available for download. These reports are established and published by the WIT Press taken from prestigious conferences and are covered by the WIT Press Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement. There is a handy link located about one-third of the way down the web page so it can be reviewed. All papers are open access so that the researcher can find what he/she needs information on. Among the many reports that are available they are sectioned of into seven different categories starting with Engineering Sciences, Modelling and Simulation and State of the Art in Science and Engineering. Wessex Institute of Technology’s eLibrary is extremely easy to use and very easy to navigate. The eLibrary website also includes an easy to navigate directory with subsections that include certain subject matters in each report.

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Sujit Choudhry and His Work In Comparative Law

Around the year 1748, it is believed that a man by the name of Montesquieu helped to develop the concept of comparative law. Comparative law, by definition, is the comparison of all existing legal systems. In comparative law, the similarities and differences of the legal system of every country and governmental body is studied in depth. This study helps international institutions such as the United Nations to come up with treaties that oblige by the laws of participating countries. Also, it exists to help lawmakers and citizens to understand and perfect their own systems, while coming to an understanding of the legal systems of their counterparts.

In modern comparative law, several different branches have developed. One of the foremost branches is that of comparative constitutional law, which is the study of the different constitutional structures that exist today. There are scores of authorities in the field of comparative constitutional law, but none are as internationally recognized as Professor Sujit Choudhry. Mr. Choudhry works as both the dean and professor of law at the University of California, Berkeley, and holds law degrees from Oxford, Toronto, and Harvard. He also has experience as an advisor to the constitutional building processes of Nepal, Egypt, South Africa, Jordan, Libya, Ukraine, Tunisia, and Sri Lanka.

Professor Sujit Choudhry studies a variety of issues involved in comparative constitutional law, such as using constitutional design as a tool to manage the transition from violent actions to peaceful politics, using constitutional design in ethnically divided societies and constitutional courts, and using constitutional design as a tool in minority rights. Choudhry is very knowledgeable in Canadian constitutional law and has written extensively on the subject. He has also published over ninety articles, working papers and reports, and book chapters.

His work includes more than teaching, researching, and writing, as Professor Choudhry is also a member of a number of boards, including the Editorial Board of the Constitutional Court Review, the Board of Editors of the International Journal of Constitutional Law, the Executive Committee of the International Society of Public Law, and the Editorial Advisory board for the Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law.

Can Eric Lefkofsky Cure Cancer?

The Man With The Midas Touch

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the world’s most successful businessmen. From his college days onward, just about every startup he creates or invests in has achieved success. Just taking a brief glance at some examples of his startups provides overwhelming evidence of his ingenuity. Groupon, founded in 2010, broke records and reached $1 billion in revenue faster than any other business in history. Similar success stories happened with Lightbank, Brandon Apparel, and so on.

Tackling Real World Issues

Lefkofsky’s entrepreneurship hasn’t blinded him to conditions of those with less than him. Philanthropic work is found throughout his career and he continues to support charitable causes as his fortune grows. Most of his philanthropy centers around the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. Working together with his wife, Lefkofsky uses the foundation to support charities across the world involved in just about every cause imaginable.

Some of the charities work to promote scientific research while others improve conditions in developing countries. The main focus of his charity is on improving the lives of children through better access to education and healthcare. Another area of philanthropy for Lefkofsky is the Giving Pledge. Like many other billionaires such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, Lefkofsky has pledged to use his wealth for the improvement of mankind. He has the ability to help others around him and he isn’t afraid to spend millions in the process.

Cancer Is In His Sight

Recently, Lefkofsky decided to merge his entrepreneurship with his philanthropy to start up a new company called Tempus. Centered around the idea of personalized medicine, Tempus uses the genetic profile of patients to come up with therapy plans tailored to each specific patient. With the DNA sequence of each patient in their databases, Tempus can determine exactly how each medication will affect the patient. Certain medications may have unwanted side effects or lower effectiveness depending on the patient’s genetic makeup, but other patients may have genes that work well with that particular plan. Personalized medicine is still in its infancy, but the work of Lefkofsky could bring it into the forefront.

The Future Of Medicine?

Eric Lefkofsky understands how to pick winners in the free market. He is taking this understanding and applying it to the practice of medicine. Medical startups, especially one dealing with something as specific as cancer, usually carry risks with them. However, his approach, using Big Data to find cures, may give us the breakthroughs needed to finally defeat cancer. As a billionaire, he is able to take these sort of risks without worrying because he can protect himself from the potential loss. A big reward always requires a big risk.

Why Are Cleansing Conditioners Such As Wen By Chaz Important?

WEN Cleansing Conditioner

Cleansing conditioners are an important part of a fine haircare regimen, and women go to quite a lot of trouble to keep their hair in the best condition possible. Hair that is conditioned with Wen hair products, which were created by Chaz Dean, is far healthier than hair that was not washed properly, and women need not purchase their own conditioner when buying shampoo. The formula combines all that a woman need to keep her hair in top condition, and this article explains how that is possible.

#1: Conditioners Treat Hair

Hair must be treated properly, and it must be washed often to ensure it is infused with something that keeps it healthy. Hair that has been washed properly for many weeks will begin to retain a bit of its luster, and the same product must be used several times over on the hair. Wen, created by Chaz Dean, ensures hair will stay in its best shape, and it will prevent shedding, split ends and dryness. The hair that has been conditioned with Wen by Chaz has a much better chance of recovering from a long bout of coloring and abuse.

#2: How Much Wen By Chaz Is Needed?

Wen by Chaz is a brilliant product that requires almost no material to offer a fine lather. Everyone may wash their hair any time they like with a dollop from the bottle, and they will find their hair much healthier than when they started. It is quite simple to care for hair when it has been conditioned, and everyone who washes their hair regularly will see it fall into place every day after they come out of the shower

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#3: Where May Shoppers Order Wen By Chaz?

Ordering online is a simple way to get the shampoo every woman needs, and ladies who are investing in shampoo online will find it simple to order as many bottles as they like. Ordering Wen bottles in advance ensures every woman will have healthy, and she will see her hair change when she is styling. Styling hair must be simplified, and every lady who searches for a better way to stop shedding has found it in Wen by Chaz.

The women who are troubled by their hair will see their hair style properly once they have Wen by Chaz in the shampoo. Every new bottle of Wen by Chaz will condition hair, and it helps women ensure they look their best every day.

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Where to Purchase Lime Crime Products


Finding good quality makeup that allows us to make a statement isn’t always easy. Some colors are just so bland and we might want something different to help us sparkle and let our inner unicorn shine. Fortunately for us, there are products out there that will help us do so. Lime Crime, the company created by Doe Deere, the self proclaimed unicorn queen herself offers many choices for those that want to let their color shine and have a broad variety of options and very unique products.


If you are interested in seeing and purchasing the company’s products you can do so online at You can also find their products on Amazon, DollsKill, ASOS and Beauty Bay. You will find a broad variety of products to go through and you’ll have no trouble finding something that will make you happy and grab attention.


You can find an Urban Outfitters store in many different malls. To find one in your location, simply use a search engine online that will allow you to find the closest one. Some of the products offered at Urban Outfitters includes:

Velvetine lipstick.

Diamond Crushers lip toppers.

Perlees lipstick.

Liquid eyeliner.

Glitter Helper.

Eraser lipstick.


At Urban Outfitters, you will be able to find these products both in store and on their online website.

Lime Crime is a great place to find make up that will make you feel and look like a unicorn, like the models on the Lime Crime Tumblr.