Cameron Clokie Contributions to Toronto’s Health

New treatments are being researched by doctors for any illness that is detrimental to the body. One of the innovative treatment procedures is the regenerative medicine technique. Doctor Cameron Clokie situated in Toronto and other doctors are trying to convince other physicians to appreciate the method.

Regenerative medicine is a way where a protein is used to seduce adult stem cells into becoming bone tissue and also into other regenerating body items. Cameron has been advocating for the treatment for years.

The technique has been used for various procedures for example stem cells could be used to manage the cardiac and nervous system complications. Nerve damage that may lead to paralysis can also be repaired by stem cells. Moreover, stem cells can regenerate damaged heart tissue curbing heart attacks. Read more: Dr. Cameron Clokie Gives His Quick Tips for Tooth Care While Traveling

The procedures are mainly performed at Mount Sinai Hospital and Toronto General Hospital where Dr. Cameron mainly operates. He once treated a 60-year-old, Mr. Peter Russel, who had lost seven centimeters of the jaw bone caused by a benign tumor of the jaw. Clokie used a unique protein that made adult stem cells transform into bone tissue. Mr. Peter Russel has currently regrown the seven centimeters.

In 1985, Doctor Cameron Clokie graduated from the McGill University in Montreal where he earned a Dental Surgery degree. He also received a diploma in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and a doctorate in Philosophy from the same university. Moreover, he is also a scientist, teacher, and an entrepreneur.

Also, he has published many papers on bone reconstruction and regenerative medicine. Cameron established a bone research group at McGill University in 1993 which was transferred to University of Toronto. In 1998, Clokie was named the Head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto where he was a professor until early 2017.

Doctor Cameron Clokie is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

According to Crunchbase, Clokie serves as the CEO of Induce Biologics Inc. which is a regenerative company focused on finding solutions for musculoskeletal reconstruction.

According to Bloomberg, Dr. Clokie Cameron is passionate about developing bio-implants to replace the need of autogenous bone grafts during surgery. He always hopes for positive results for his patients.

Todd Lubar Sings the Praises of Smart Homes

Todd Lubar has an extensive background in real estate and in particular using innovation to drive best practices. For example, TDL Global Ventures use innovation to remove financial obstacles that hinder some customers from realizing the American dream of homeownership. They are skilled with alternative and creative financing, which empowers people to get the funds they need for a home.

The forefront of thought leadership regarding smart home technology is where Todd Lubar comfortably resides. He is a huge proponent of the nascent industry and believes that it will revolutionize owning a home. These sensor-equipped devices are now coming into the market and will make homes more convenient and more user-friendly.

Some manifestations of their uses, which are currently at work today, are motion sensor doorbells, adjustable lighting and window shades, adjustable thermostats and garage door openers. All of these devices are an expanding part of the internet-of-things and can be controlled by a smartphone or laptop computer. There are avant-garde building companies that are designing entire neighborhoods with these innovations and the capacity for upgrades in the future.

People who are facing life with physical handicaps are finding that smart home technology is giving them a new lease on life. These internet connected devices enable them more than ever to live independently. This, in turn, bolsters their self-confidence and helps them participate more fully in life. These are incalculable blessings for those faced with such circumstances.

Lubar has been an innovator throughout his career and he’s currently involved in one very interesting market. Abandoned and disused buildings in Baltimore are being renovated and repurposed with advanced smart home technology. This provides an opportunity for those seeking a lower cost of living when compared to Washington, D.C. The Millenials and entrepreneurs are drawn to opportunities like this and Baltimore is developing a reputation as a good place for those engaging in startup businesses.

Real estate has been the passion of Todd Lubar for over 20 years and he has experience in all aspects of the business. He has also worked in other business areas such as entertainment, construction, and mortgage banking. He uses his wide range of experience and couples it with innovative thought processes to excel in business and entrepreneurship. For more info, visit


JHSF’s Dominance in the Brazilian Real Estate Scene is All Down to Jose Auriemo Neto

Brazil is today considered a burgeoning economy. Ranked the largest economy in South America and among the top ten in the world, the last few decades have seen millions of Brazilians ushered into the middle class. Add to that the millions of global citizens that travel to Brazil every year and you have billions of dollars being spent in the Brazilian economy every year. As such, numerous sectors of the Brazilian economy have experienced tremendous growth in recent years, key among them the real estate industry. In that same time, JHSF has grown from relative obscurity to become one of the giants of the Brazilian real estate industry.

JHSF’s strong growth has been driven by a combination of innovative strategies and strong leadership. Over the last two decades, the company has progressively restructured its business to largely encompass four business units: commercial and residential incorporations, shopping malls, a chain of hotels and an executive airport. The company owns and manages six malls and has recently gotten into agreements with a number of fashion luxury brands to exclusssively sell their products in Brazil. Additionally, the company’s decision to acquire the Fasano chain of restaurants, effectively made it the first company in the industry to go into the hospitality business. However, the company’s most ambitious undertaking yet has been developing an executive airport in the country’s capital, Sao Paulo. Click here to know more.

The man credited with implementing these hugely successful strategies is current CEO, Jose Auriemo Neto. While his strategies were initially considered peculiar by many in the industry, the decision to diversify by JHSF has proved to be smart. The company is always almost left unscathed when financial troubles hit the Brazilian real estate industry. As a result, today JHSF is not only seriously admired but also heavily copied from by other real estate players in Brazil and beyond.

Jose Auriemo Neto is one of the most respected executives in Brazil. He is an alumnus FAAP University and first joined the organization in 1993. By 2003, he had shown enough ambition and experience to be named the company’s chief executive officer.given his commendable performance thus far, he will likely hold this position for a long time to come.