Roseann Bennett Seeks To Help Clients Through Canine-Assisted Therapy

There have been many studies that have shown that having a dog can reduce stress and improve a person’s overall health. Canine-Assisted Therapy takes this help that dogs naturally can provide one step further. Canine-assisted therapy uses dogs to help people with anxiety, depression and other mental health issues to be able to remain calm and overcome their mental and emotional difficulties.


Rosann Bennett is a licensed marriage and family therapist at the Center for Assessment and Treatment in Hackettstown, New Jersey. She is also the president of the northern chapter of the New Jersey Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. Ms. Bennett is now using canine-assisted therapy with her patients.


Jack is the name of the therapy dog helping Rosann Bennett with her clients. Ms. Bennett has found that Jack is especially good at helping children to relax and be at ease. The children do not feel that they are being judged by Jack. This allows the children to be more open and communicative during therapy sessions thus allowing the sessions to be more beneficial to the client.


Therapy dogs like Jack can offer a wide range of benefits to patients. Dogs who are trained as therapy dogs can help people that are depressed. The dogs can provide companionship, and they can help ease loneliness. This is especially important for seniors dealing with depression. See This Article for additional information.


Therapy dogs help those with anxiety by helping their person remain calm in stressful situations. The person can keep his focus on the dog which keeps him from fixating on the stressful situation.


Children with autism also benefit from the use of therapy dogs. Children with autism will often communicate with the dog while they will not communicate or socially interact with another human being.


Jack will continue to help Bennett reach out to her patients. His presence is often a great aid and comfort.


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