Rocketship Charter School Education Creates Inner City Success

There are many different types of education platforms throughout the country. With most traditional public schools, there is usually a standardized curriculum for all schools throughout a given region. However, much has changed over the last few decades in education. While traditional public schools are still the primary way children are educated, there has been a surge in alternative schools for children. These include, magnet schools, charter schools, private schools, online schools and alternative education schools.

Most parents are looking for their children to get the very best educational opportunity they can find for them. However, in urban areas the students often have fewer choices for their education than children in suburban environments. The good news is there is a newer education platform that operates 21 urban charter schools as a school choice alternative known as Rocketship Education. Based out of Redwood California, Rocketship has a core focus of changing the educational opportunities for urban children.

Founded in 2006 in the San Jose area of California, this platform found great success with its initial 4 elementary schools. In fact, their schools have been so successful, they have caught the eye of quite a few influential people in the world of business and government. During the Obama Administration, Rocketship schools received a $2 million dollar grant for their continued work in urban settings.

Part of the passion from private and public grant investors has been that the Rocketship school platform specifically targets to bring excellence in education to some of America’s most challenged youth. In fact, eighty-five percent of their student body comes from low income families in urban areas. This includes students from Nashville, Milwaukee, Washington D.C. and San Jose California as well as other regions of California.

One of the most substantial achievements for Rocketship schools is that their ranking. They are in the top 10% in the country for urban educational success among their student body. That is a profound record of achievement for any individual school. It is even more profound that their test score and achievement successes are high throughout their student body in all their locations. This shows that their focus of small classroom settings and small group tutoring works well in getting children focused and excited to reach their best potential and to learn.