Quality Customer Service in the Correctional Industry-Securus Technology

We have been in the correctional industry for an extended period of time and we consider ourselves a leading organization in the sector. Securus Technologies we are distributors of civil and criminal justice resolution for the primary purpose of investigation, monitoring, correction as well as public security. Our group has been working diligently to make sure that we offer quality and advanced services as well as products to the inmates, their family, and friends. The Securus Technologies technical team has been innovating and developing new products every week to keep our customers connected. Our customers are more than happy to use our products as well as services, and they have been writing emails and letters to express their gratitude to us. Below are samples of the letters and emails

  • One of our esteemed customers mentioned our LBS services and according to them, the Software service is enough for them to continue using our services.
  • We offer telephone services to correctional facilities, and as one of the staffs of the facility was listening to an inmate conversing with their siblings, they were able to get information which will be used as court evidence in the next court session.
  • We have our investigation tool which has also been of a great advantage to our clients as one of them said that the tool has been helping then carry out investigation on some of the complaints including harassment and the use of drugs.
  • A client said that after they monitored calls they were able to obtain information on the use and purchase of alcohol in the prisons.

Securus Technologies we have our Head Offices located in Dallas, Texas, and ever since our inception we have been growing and we are currently serving over 3450 correctional institutions and more than 120,0000 inmates across Northern America. We are devoted to serve and link our clients by offering, information, emergency response, and biometric analysis among others.


Securus Technologies Tech is Tops

When people hear about Securus Technologies, they want to know more. It is important to them to know what this company does, and that is why the company decided to invite them to the business office in Dallas, TX. When they are there, they will receive a presentation of the latest technologies that the company is working. They will also receive a tour of complex, and they will be able to ask questions about what the new items are going to be used for. This way the company has a way to explain to the people how important these creations are for the safety of the country and the world.


Their latest technology is called Wireless Containment Solution. It is used to intercept the conversations of inmates to the outside world in the correction facilities. They use the networks with their cell phone and devices to reach out to people that they think will commit a crime for them. The Wireless Containment Solution pinpoints which inmates are doing this, and also help the facilities to confiscate the equipment that they are using It works very well in preventing crimes from happening, and it is a huge success.


There were many other companies in the field that tried to create some sort of solution to the problem. They different have the ability, so Securus Technologies is extremely proud that they were able to create it, and that the facilities are finding such success with it.


Securus Technologies is a large employer that has many trained professionals that are dedicated to do their jobs to the highest standards. The company works in both the civil and criminal aspects of justice, and the government seeks their expertise on a regular basis. They use monitoring, investigating and more on a regular basis in order to deal with over 1 million prisoners in a year. In the future, they want to create more technologies for the safety field, and they want to do this on a weekly basis. They are respected all over the world for the work that they are doing, and many companies in the US want them to do projects for them.




The customers of Securus Technologies are happy with the services offered to them. This was evident from the letters and emails received by Securus from their facility customers. Through the civil and criminal justice technology solutions provided, facilities have been able to solve and prevent crimes include inmate-on-inmate ones. For example, through the monitoring of calls, they have obtained information regarding inmate alcohol use, drug selling and drugs in the facilities.  The use of reporting data has led to enhance monitoring and deterrence of contraband in the facilities.



Securus Technologies’ investigative tools have made it possible for facilities to perform investigations in case of complaints of harassment and potential threat to the facility’s security and that of the community. Some facilities have integrated these investigative tools into their own which has further enhanced the security of the facilities. The sheriff’s departments have also greatly benefited specifically from the LBS software which has made recovery of illegal assets, money and drugs easier and highly accurate. Facilities have also been able to reveal corrupt staff, which has increased transparency and integrity in the facilities.



Securus Technologies is a major provider of detainee communications, parolee tracking and information management solutions for the government. It’s headquarters are in Dallas, Texas and serves at least 3450 law enforcement, correction and public safety agencies in 45 states, district of Columbia, Canada and Mexico. Having acquired Jpay, a leading technology company, it was able to foster inmate payments, emails and inmate tablets making its services better. To further enhance its customer care, it set up a 220 seat in-house call center as per the Better Business Bureau (BBB) standards. The center has a customer satisfaction of 4.3 out of 5 which led to its accreditation by BBB with an A+ rating.