Dr. Saad Saad Reveals His Life Lessons Upon Retirement

Blogwebpedia recently published Stephen Callahan’s article “Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon-Update.” The article details the advice given by the pediatric surgeon who retired after spending almost five decades in the medical industry. He is a successful and innovated surgeon with a variety of patents to his name.


The first lesson the pediatric surgeon provides is “Don’t Accept Anything but the Success You Seek”. Dr. Saad Saad decided to pursue his career in medicine after a single day spent in Kuwait. The doctor was born in Palestine when the region was going through dramatic changes. Not only had the State of Israel led to many Palestinians being relocated, but it also forced Dr. Saad’s father to travel often for his work. Often, he and his family were told to board a bus to go to an unknown destination. Dr. Saad and his family were relocated to the West Bank and his father spent many hours searching for them.


Dr. Saad’s father moved the family to Kuwait after working as a petroleum mechanic. In the 50’s his father’s skillset was in high demand across the Middle East, allowing him to move his family to Kuwait. While in school, Dr. Saa’ds father revealed to him that the only way a person could be respected is through education. The lesson was firmly established in the doctor’s mind when he was in high school. He experienced a heat stroke while working on a hot summer’s day at a construction site. After recognizing that the only place with air conditioning in the entire country was the operating room, Dr. Saad made up his mind to become a pediatric surgeon. He believes that anyone can accomplish their dreams if they simply focus on achieving success.


He also believes a key to succeeding in life is to accomplish more today rather than putting things off until tomorrow. Dr. Saad does not believe in procrastination. The life lesson taught him to become efficient with time management and to have a strong work ethic. He knows managing time well alongside a strong work ethic would lead him to success. This allowed him to become a U.S. Board Certified pediatric surgeon. He was one of the only pediatric surgeons that could speak English and Arabic. As one of the only board-certified surgeons that was fluent in both languages, he was the pediatric surgeon for the Saudi Royal Family.

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