The Bad Influence of Citizens United and How a PAC is Acting to Change it

Citizens United is a landmark that was issued in 2010 and is still around the political system to this date.

It is a landmark that makes sure anyone with capital and interest can support the candidacy of their favorite candidates, even if running for being the U.S. President.

The Citizens United was a mean to air a film critical of the person running for the presidency at the time, Clinton. Hillary Clinton was the woman responsible for advertising in said movie on many television broadcasts, and this whole system would not be legal if the landmark had not allowed the support of campaigns and candidacies in the political system.

Citizens United does not allow anyone to interfere or restrict members of a community from using nonprofit organizations to fund these campaigns.

It is undeniable why this landmark is still something that is very controversial in the minds of political figures, as this allows the political scene to be a game of interests rather than actual people trying to change the future of the nation for the best. After the approval of this landmark, magnates and billionaires began been seen behind many famous campaigns in the United States, including the campaigns of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the competition of 2016.

To change this political mess, there is a Political Action Committee (PAC) called End Citizens United, and they already have thousands of followers that are funding their actions in order to shut down once and for all the landmark that has changed the political scene for the worst.

The PAC has many members and donors that fully support them with funding from their own pockets. The United States has millions of people that consider the landmark a political mistake, and it is people like these that are slowly changing the future of the nation with the help of the End Citizens United Committee.

The PAC uses the influence and capital force that they have acquired during these last couple of years to elect Democrats that are pro-reform and support the decision to revisit the decisions of 2010.

Democrats like Jon Ossoff are among the pro-reform political figures that have been elected through the help of the committee and their donors.

By using the broken system of the U.S. Politics since the approval of the 2010 landmark, the End Citizens United group is using their own controversial rules to support the candidacies of these Democrats and put them in power. With this tactic, citizens of the U.S. who want to see this decision removed from their country will have more influential people speaking their desires in the political debates.

Right now, End Citizens United has acquired millions of dollars and, with the support of over 100,000 Americans, they are slowly changing the nation for the best.

The Comeback Move of George Soros to Fund Political Causes

George Soros, a renowned billionaire investor, is making a comeback to political donations. Soros contributed over $25 million to boost Hillary Clinton and the other Democratic candidates. He is re-emerging after spending a whopping $27 million in an attempt to defeat President George W. Bush in 2004.

Soros’ funding has the potential of catalyzing donations from other rich activists such as Tom Meyer, an environmentalist from San Francisco, who gave $31 million in 2016. Additionally, Don Sussman, a New York hedge funder, contributed $13.2 million to several campaigns and committees. Media moguls like Fred Eychaner and Haim Saban gave $11.1 million each. This cumulative mobilization of funds helped Clinton’s campaign to build a massive financial advantage over Trump’s committees.

Through the end of June 2016, Soros gave $7 million to Priorities USA Action, a super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton. He also donated $2 million to an opposition research super PAC called the American Bridge 21st Century. George Soros gave $5 million to the Immigrant Voters Win, a super PAC, which is devoted to increasing Hispanic voters turn out during the election period. He also committed $5 million to a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to fighting conservative efforts to restrict voting. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

The Other Contributions of George Soros

Following his political giving fallout in 2004, Soros decided to focus on his international foundations, which have contributed over $13 million to nonprofits that aim to defend human rights. Soros also participated in launching the Democratic Alliance, a secretive club of liberal donors, in 2005. Additionally, he gave a check of $5,000 to End Citizens United, a super PAC that supports candidates like Hillary Clinton. Know more on about George Soros.

George Soros’ Participation in the Ferguson Protests

The Washington Times reported that George Soros had funded Ferguson protest movement in Missouri. He gave $33 million, in one year, to support the already established groups. The Times added that Soros’ backing accelerated the protest movement, resulting in a transformation of a one-day criminal event into a 24-hour-a-day tragedy.

Soros’ funding was shared among many groups of activists who collaborated to create an “echo chamber” using Facebook and Twitter. Groups of activists such as the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), the Center for Community Change in Washington, and Make Road New York went to Ferguson to organize protests. Moreover, Soros’ foundation donated $4 million to DPA.

The Washington Times reported that Gorge Soros supported groups like the Organization for Black Struggle, Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment and Dream Defenders. These groups were involved in establishing the Hands Up Coalition, a grass root group. The grass root group worked to recruit and organize youth across the U.S. to undertake local events in their communities and to make Ferguson a national issue. Soros also funded the Gamaliel Foundation, a network of grass-root organizations, which helped accelerate the Ferguson demonstrations. Additionally, George Soros contributed $250,000 to the Samuel Dewitt Proctor Conference (SDPC).


Betsy DeVos: Philanthropist and Political Activist

Betsy DeVos serves as the chair of the American Federation for Children (AFC). This is one of the country’s top school choice advocacy groups fighting with a passion for correcting America’s broken education system by enabling parents to take their kids to the school of their liking. Betsy has successfully led this group to help more than a million kids to go to the schools that their parents prefer. The failure of the traditional system is that it traps children within their ZIP codes in schools that may probably fail to meet their needs. Betsy mentors at-risk elementary children through Kids Hope USA for one hour each week. She is also on the board of the Foundation for Excellence in Education.

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DeVos and her husband Dick DeVos have helped a lot of schools. Recently, she encouraged Dick to form the West Michigan Aviation Academy which is a public charter school. It serves to merge their passion for education with Dick’s attachment to aviation. Betsy DeVos has been involved in politics for more than three decades since her time at Calvin College. After campus, her first political activity was working for President Gerald R. Ford in 1976 as a volunteer. She has worked as a leader in many Republican political action committees, party organizations, and campaigns. Most of these focused on reform and education choice. She has served on the Republican National Committee for six years and has been elected as the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party a few times between 1996 and 2005.

Betsy had an interesting start before becoming a member of the educational choice movement. It started when she and Dick started visiting the Potter’s House Christian School a while back. While occasionally visiting the school, they used to meet parents from low-income families and saw how these guardians struggled to raise money for tuition. They decided to support a few children at a time and at the moment they support a large number at the Potter’s House Christian School. Her husband became elected in 1990 to the State Board of Education in Michigan, and she started a foundation that aided families which did not earn as much. She then realized the scholarship problem would help some people but not the problem at hand. During the 1990’s, Betsy served on the boards of Children First America and American Education Reform. These were charities which aimed to expand education options through tax credits and vouchers. Read more on Los Angeles Times.

In 2000, Betsy and her husband unsuccessfully tried to change Michigan State’s constitution to be able to allow vouchers and tax-credit scholarships. Due to this defeat, she started a political action committee devoted to promoting education reform and then she decided to take this agenda nationally.