Rodrigo “The Rally Man” Terpins

I can honestly say that I am very much impressed with the success of the rally driver Rodrigo Terpins. Rodrigo is an excellent rally driver hailing from Brazil. I would assume that his driving skills are excellent because he’s one of the few people in this world that loves to race Prototype T1 cars. Being consistent and having determination are the keys to his driving success. He has made numerous appearances on ESPN. I believe his favorite car to rally is the T-Rex 326 and in the 22nd Bull Serotes Rally, Rodrigo Terpins finished in 3rd place and won the eigth overall in the race. Rodrigo also has a brother, Michel Terpins and he competes with him in the rally’s as well. Rodrigo and Michel together have their own rally team that they manage together, The Tea Bull Sertoes Rally Team.

According to marketresearchtech  Rodrigo’s father Jack Terpins is a former basketball player, showing that the love of sports has been handed down to him from generation to generation. In 2008 Rodrigo started his own company,T5 Participacoes. The company manages and organizes racing events in Brazil. Rodrigo has participated in a number of interviews conducted by the Brazilian media. In one of the interviews he stated that he is proud of his past competitions because they helped in molding his performance in the present and the future. Being 41 years old, Rodrigo is still fairly young and I believe that the best has yet to come for him. He most certainly has the drive and initiative to succeed in any endeavor that he chooses. With his brother Michel and his team partners, Rodrigo’s support system seems to be ready for any challenge. I can only imagine how proud of him the Brazilian community really is and how cool it sounds when the roaring fans are cheering for him.

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