Gregory Aziz Has Accomplished Great Things

One of the most successful Canadian businessmen of the past 40 years has been Greg Aziz. He has done many noteworthy things throughout his long and illustrious career. He has had many articles written about him in various business and financial publications. His biggest claim to fame is being the National Steel Car CEO. This is a position he has held since he bought the company back in 1994. He has helped to build the company into one of the largest producers of freight cars for railroads. There is no question that Greg James Aziz is one of the most respected businessmen in his field. Gregory J Aziz has become a mentor for many young executives who are hoping to achieve great things.

He attended both the University of Western Ontario and Ridley College. He graduated at the top of his class. He decided to study economics because he believed this major would allow him to choose from a wide variety of career opportunities. He did not need to interview for his first job. This is because Gregory Aziz started to work for his family’s business. Affiliated Foods was the name of this business. It specialized in distributing food to many Canadian and American grocery store chains. He was very happy working there. However, he wanted more of a career challenge. This is why he decided to buy National Steel Car. Gregory J. Aziz took over control of the company 24 years ago. He has done a great job of building it into a very profitable business since he became the CEO.

National Steel Car now employs literally thousands of people. In fact, they are one of the largest employers in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. This is where the company is based. They are a huge part of the Hamilton economy. Gregory J Aziz has created a path for success that has allowed the company to become a very large part of the rail car production industry. This is a huge accomplishment since most of the other major companies have been around for a lot longer than National Steel Car.

Gregory Aziz is very proud to be a Canadian. He has received many very lucrative offers to move the headquarters of his company to the United States. However, he has said that this will not happen as long as he is in charge of the company. He is happy to remain in Hamilton. Click Here for more information.

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