The Top Benefits of Modern Wainscoting Panels for Homes

Wainscoting installation has become the number one interior design idea for added architectural interest in a room. With a legacy dated back centuries, wainscoting enters our homes with the aura of the Victorian, ancient Greek, and French style. Although a classic option, it’s one of the most contemporary interior wall décor solutions.


Still wondering whether or not to invest in wainscoting panels? Here are 4 good reasons why you should go ahead with such projects.

5 reasons why wainscoting installation is the best home design idea

  • Wainscoting panels offer practical solutions

The prime reasons why our ancestors installed classic wainscoting panels were related to wall protection and insulation. Today, these panels still serve the same purposes. The difference these days is that there are many materials, which are also far more durable. You can choose soft or hard wood, MDF, polyurethane, melamine, or plastic materials. And they are all processed to last longer. offered so many wainscoting styles that you can consider for making an excellent decoration for your home.

Don’t forget that demand and supply go hand in hand in the world of marketing. When the wainscoting needs of people broadened, supply grew accordingly. And today you can find even waterproof panels for high moisture environments, like your bathroom or the basement.

  • There is a handful of wainscoting designs


Once upon a time, the wainscoting design ideas were limited to a small number of patterns, styles, and colors. Today you won’t know which one to choose. There are raised, flat, and bead board panels. And they don’t necessarily have the wooden appearance. They are mostly white but they can also be painted or come pre-stained. You can find slim options but also deep profiles if you care to give emphasis on drama in the room.

  • Wainscoting makes interior design easy


The plethora of wainscoting designs and colors along with the evolution in the interior design industry gives room to more home décor ideas. And you can adopt any idea you want to reflect your personal taste and pinpoint the style of your home.

  • You can use a classic wainscoting design to bring out the traditional style at your home.
  • Alternatively, you can trim the walls and use gray, black or white colors to decorate a wall in a minimal home.
  • Beadboard wainscoting can bring a cottage-like look in the house.
  • But you can also mix and match ideas and profiles, like installing beadboard and batten panels together.

Wainscoting is often paired with molding at different parts of the room. You can trim the ceiling or just install a crown molding. You can match the base with the ceiling trim but also with the door arches and the window casing. Wainscoting can follow the route of stairs, transform a boring hallway, or cover the entire wall.

  • Wall panels make wall renovation a piece of cake


Since wainscoting covers the wall, the panels become the ultimate wall renovation solution. If there are imperfections or drywall cracks, you can simply conceal them by installing a panel.

At the same time, they offer fast wall decoration solutions. If you are in the process of remodeling a room or redecorating a wall, what’s easier and most effective than installing a panel and let it become the actual wall décor.

After all, wainscoting can cover the lower or 1/3 part of the wall, but also the entire surface. In the case of the latter, they become the ultimate wall decoration idea. If they cover only part of the wall, their contrasting color can make a statement. But you can also use the space above the chair rail for artwork. You can also bring the wainscoting up and use the cap as a book shelf.

  • With so many wainscoting ideas, every home gains


Whether you choose a full size or low flat or raised panel, there are thousands of ways to use them and take advantage of their beauty to decorate walls and change the looks of the room. On top of their decorative benefits, these panels are also functional allowing you to use them to conceal structural mistakes and imperfections.

No wonder why they have a legacy and they are still the number one interior design element for each and every home. They offer solutions and thus untie your hands whether you need to redecorate or renovate. In either case, you can use wainscoting to fulfill your goal, pair your style, and improve home aesthetics.