Alex Pall, The Bandmate Of The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers have released some of the biggest hits on the radio like Closer, Don’t Let Me Down and Roses. They are a beloved duo that excels and pushes the electronic music scene forward. The duo that makes up The Chainsmokers work is apart of every detail that goes into establishing their brand and music. The duo differs from much of the competition. Most Dj groups solely focus on the beat of the music. They leave the rest of the work up to the vocalists and songwriters. But as for The Chainsmokers they handle all parts of the process making sure to create a beautiful masterpiece of music.

The band wants their fans to see the personal identities of who makes up The Chainsmokers. They wish for people to see the talent and passion The Chainsmokers have for creating audible art. They have an ambition for fans to see they are true artists. Many artists that work as dj’s may shield themselves from the world. But not The Chainsmokers. They fully expose themselves to being intimate with the audience that relates mostly to their music.

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Alex Pall and Drew Taggart make up The Chainsmokers. They have channeled their inner love and desire to make quality electronic dance music that has feelings. They want their listeners to feel the heart and soul put into the music. That is why this duo of friends have become a duo of hitmakers.

It started a long time ago. Alex Pall was living in New York City. NYC was a place where many people loved electronic dance music. Many people flocked to the city to begin their careers in music. Alex Pall was young and aiming to make a name for himself. At first, becoming a successful DJ was not so easy. At one point in time, being a DJ felt more like a hobby to the musician. And living in New York City is not cheap so he took a job at an art gallery. After some time of working there, he decided to pursue music again. The Chainsmokers was then created with Drew Taggart.