Aloha Construction Gives Back

Aloha Construction, Inc. is generally known for the breadth and scope of its construction work, having completed over 20,000 projects throughout the Midwest. Aloha completes roofing, siding replacement and restoration, gutter repair and downspout projects. Recently, Aloha Construction has begun to receive attention for some of the valuable work that it has been doing investing in the communities where it does business.

Aloha Construction has received the Torch Award, which is given by the Better Business Bureau for marketplace ethics. The Better Business Bureau administers the Torch Award program to recognize businesses that operate by high ethical standards and integrates them into their daily business. The winners of this award are chosen by an independent panel of judges who look at an integrated set of metrics for each business, including ethical standards and community involvement.

Aloha Construction received this award, in part, because of its long track record of giving back to communities. Aloha Construction has established the Dave Farbaky Foundation, which serves as its charitable arm, and is named for its chief executive officer. This foundation engages in a variety of charitable acts aimed at spreading Farbaky’s philosophy of “random acts of kindness.”

In 2017, the Dave Farbaky Foundation sponsored a shopping spree for four girls. Each girl was provided with large garbage bags and had 60 seconds to fill as many bags as they could with toys. The four girls went home with a combined total of $7,000 worth of toys.

Also in 2017, the Farbaky Foundation sent a child with congenital heart disease and 12 of his friends to their first Chicago Bulls game. The boy was 12 years old and already had five open heart surgeries to date. Additionally, the Farbaky Foundation partners with the Bloomington, Illinois Boys & Girls Club to sponsor numerous activities, including their hockey teams. Thanks to the efforts of Aloha Construction, the Bloomington Thunder are able to compete in the United States Hockey League, which is the lone Tier I junior hockey league in the United States.,29.htm