How Sheldon Lavin Has Made OSI Group a Sustainable Food Company

Succeeding in business and getting some more achievements in the same field indicates the kind of a person the entrepreneur is. Rising from a low position in a business company to an executive position is something Sheldon Lavin can elaborate in simpler words. He went to a college for his career studies and then joined the business world. Otto & Sons firm was one of the businesses in Lavin’s area with only four beef suppliers. The company intended to establish another firm in Chicago to meet the McDonald’s demand for beef. The company needed to have a lending partner, but it couldn’t get the right one without consulting Lavin.

Lavin came on board and helped in the establishment of the plant. Sheldon Lavin greatly impressed the Otto & Sons owners for his incredible contribution. They even asked him to partner with them and take a senior executive position. Otto, the owner of the company, had died some time back, and his sons were almost retiring. They wanted to leave the company in safe hands. The company changed from Otto & Sons to OSI Group during the leadership transition. Lavin says the company had great possibilities and full potential if offered proper management.

OSI Group became an international name after Lavin made some overseas investments. Although it was once a small and local company, Sheldon Lavin has worked hard for the company to have various partnerships and subsidiaries in other countries. The Netherlands, Australia, India, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, and Japan are some of the countries OSI Group has gained solid partnerships and subsidiaries. One good thing about Lavin is that he doesn’t rest on the achieved success. He always looks forward to expanding his skills even after receiving some awards. He understands that the achieved success is the greatest hindrance to growth and expansion. The companies that work closely with OSI Group enjoy a good economy of scale.

Sheldon Lavin wished many good things for this company. However, he seemed to major more in making it friendly to the environment. He came up with some strategies to help the company make its business model sustainable. Lavin has a team that monitors the innovations the technology is making. The team is sensitive to any innovation that would hinder the company from making its intended impact. Lavin spearheaded the renovation of the Spanish facility to double the chicken production of the company. He doesn’t mind what he has to do in the beginning, as long as, he had a picture of where he intends to go.